Monday, April 6, 2009

New York

Returned to New York for a birthday weekend and it was a great weekend. After nearing dying on the cab ride to Brooklyn [worst NY cab ride ever and I've been in 2 taxi accidents there], Erin and I rested up before heading out. We were supposed to get some pre-wedding photographys done but it was raining and foggy out so we postponed for a day. We went for lunch at Lenny's, a place very much missed by me and then strolled around for a little while taking in a couple of old neighbourhoods. At the quitting hour we up met with Jibi, Cathy and Christine at the Houndstooth Pub (near Penn Station). We then moved on to Down the Hatch in the West Village to meet up with John and friends. Pitchers of beer were going for $6.50! Off to Rhong-Tiam for thai food. Then to Bua to meet up with some of Erin's friends from NYP. All in all, an excellent night.

On Saturday, we picked up our photo session at the brooklyn bridge and then headed to the seaport. The early pics look great. In the evening we went to dinner with Christine and John in the East Village called Lavagna which was excellent. The place was great and lively. Then to another bar in the East Village and back to Brooklyn to Harry's Pub where we met up with Jason and Katie. Another great night. Happy Birthday to me.

Sunday was lazy for me while Erin met some friends for brunch. My brunch plans fell through with a possibly still hungover Dan. We headed back to LA in the late afternoon.

What a great weekend.

Thanks to Christine & John for hosting us - very much appreciated!

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